Gemini Wings Aircraft Optimizer records significant progress

posted on 16th December 2022 by Eddie Saunders
Gemini Wings Aircraft Optimizer records significant progress

The aircraft utilization services, performed by GEMINI WINGS have led to remarkable progress in recent months.

The company has formed an international alliance fleet comprised of private aircraft.

GEMINI WINGS is following an innovative ‘build-up guarantee model’ that applies to every aircraft in its fleet alliance.

The success lies in the three key elements of the concept. The company acts as the exclusive agent for an aircraft operator or owner.

It guarantees an agreed regular yearly revenue. It reduces the operational costs of the aircraft.

GEMINI WINGS is an optimizing force dedicated to creating a fairer and more level playing field for aircraft operators and owners by how their aircraft are utilized.

It results in a collaboration-based growth that thrives on economies of scale and achieves synergy effects.

“Aircraft are made to fly. They generate revenue when they are in the air, and subsequently reduce operating costs,” according to Martin Feč, CEO of GEMINI WINGS.

“We have proven to be able to reach the highest number of flown hours among all European operators for a particular aircraft type in our fleet.

“Our team consists of highly qualified and experienced professionals with diverse backgrounds: operations, sales, purchase negotiations, market data analyses, etc.

“Their combined knowledge and skills are available to ensure that all aspects of the ownership and its operation are considered. All our activities are a central effort on behalf of our group of clients.”