FlightSafety introduces new training system, Evolution 360

posted on 20th November 2018 by Omar
FlightSafety introduces new training system, Evolution 360

FlightSafety International has introduced its new Evolution 360 direct-view dome display.

“The Evolution 360 Dome is designed to provide an exceptional fast jet training experience by combining extreme field of views with unparalleled visual fidelity, said Ed Koharik, General Manager, Visual Systems.

“It offers up to 360-degree horizontal by 135 degrees vertical field of view and is ideal for specialized training, including fast jet, tactical rotary wing and a wide variety of other applications.”

This new innovative dome features LED or laser light source projectors that provide bright, high contrast, dynamic scenes at a scalable resolution up to 2.0 arcmin/optical line pair (OLP).

This extreme resolution paired with a very high frame-rate of 120Hz provides an unequaled realistic training experience at fast jet speeds.  This exceptional new training platform is ideal for target recognition and other tactical applications.

The vertically integrated system leverages the power of the VITAL 1100 Image Generator and fully stimulates night vision goggles (NVG).

It also offers a fast auto-alignment system to minimize setup and projector maintenance time, an integrated head-up display (HUD) without additional projectors when equipped with a FlightSafety Vital Image Generator or other compatible IG.

The dome can be equipped with the VITAL Distributed Mission Operations (DMO) Interface allowing full participation in DMO or other interoperable training exercises.

With the VITAL 1100 Image Generator the platform capabilities include a detailed worldwide database and extensive library of DMO/Interoperable ready models.

Mixed Reality and Virtual Reality connected stations are also available which provide additional training options with immersive instructor viewing and participation.