FlightSafety & Metro celebrate five years of training with Level D simulators

posted on 5th March 2019 by Omar

FlightSafety International celebrate five years of delivering training for single and multi-engine helicopters with Metro Aviation, using Level D qualified simulators in Shreveport, Louisiana.

The EC135 and EC145 Level D simulators, which are installed at the Metro Aviation Training Center, are used to to train pilots as well as by FlightSafety instructors. Level D simulators deliver a variety of courses to meet operational needs and mission requirements of other operators.

David Davenport, co-chief executive officer and commercial president for FlightSafety, said: “Our longstanding relationship with Metro continues to enhance helicopter safety through comprehensive professional training programs, using advanced technology simulators.”

Mike Stanberry, president and chief executive officer for Metro Aviation, was instrumental in the development of the first EC135 Level D qualified full-flight simulator, which will be installed across the industry in North America.

Stanberry said it was the first time FlightSafety had partnered with an operator on this type of venture, and he is happy the companies joined forces to bring full-motion Level D simulators to the industry – where they did not previously exist.