Flightdocs announces new ‘operations’ platform

posted on 16th October 2018 by Omar
Flightdocs announces new 'operations' platform

Flightdocs has announced a new platform, Flightdocs Operations™. 100% cloud based, with web and native mobile applications, Flightdocs Operations™ provides a modern, intuitive platform for managing every aspect of a flight department.

The core functions will include flight scheduling, service planning, crew and passenger management, customizable flight logs, expense reporting, and much more.

Each feature was built to enhance the workflows of pilots, crew, schedulers and dispatchers, while optimizing cross-departmental communications and visibility.

Operations is fully integrated under the Flightdocs Enterprise™ suite of solutions, creating a seamless flow of maintenance and operational data throughout the flight department.

The platform will feature a native app for both iPhone and iPad that brings unprecedented power into the hands of crew members.

Available while connected and offline, the app delivers real-time push notifications for crew briefings, electronic flight logs compliant with FAA AC 120-78A, and full integration with the Maintenance module.

The integration will give crew members instant access to the current aircraft maintenance status details, ability to report discrepancies and MELs with images and video and update aircraft hours and cycles instantly.

In addition, the product will include an embedded messaging module called Fd Connect™, which provides real-time, secure, encrypted communication between crew, schedulers, dispatchers and maintenance personnel.

“The inception of our products has been the direct result of listening to our customers,” explains Flightdocs President Greg Heine. “We’re using technology to solve real business problems.

Limited operational visibility, broken communication, and disjointed data flows are some of the standard obstacles found in flight departments of all shapes and sizes.  Flightdocs Operations™ eliminates these gaps, by providing one platform that literally does it all, from end to end.”