Flexjet, Viasat to Bring IFC to Flexjet Customers

posted on 17th June 2021 by Eddie Saunders
Flexjet, Viasat to Bring IFC to Flexjet Customers

Flexjet and Viasat Inc. today announced a partnership to install Viasat’s industry-leading in-flight connectivity (IFC) system on select Flexjet fleets. 

This partnership is two-fold: it willprovide Viasat’s high-speed Ka-band IFC service on Flexjet’s Embraer Praetor 600 super-mid cabin fleet, which serves transatlantic and domestic European routes; additionally, the partnership will provide Viasat’s Ku-band IFC service to Flexjet’s Bombardier Global and Gulfstream G450 and G650 aircraft with a path to transition these aircraft to Viasat’s Ka-band system in the future.

The Flexjet/Viasat relationship is designed around creating an exceptional connectivity experience that will provide Flexjet with better service economics, enhanced service flexibility gained through Viasat’s vertical integration strategy,and greater service accountability.

For Flexjet’s G450, G650 and Global aircraft, the Viasat Ku Advanced IFC system will offer faster speeds than Flexjet’s prior system, enabling passengers and crew to enjoy an enhanced connectivity experience across the world’s most heavily traveled flight routes. 

“When we began evaluating IFC partners to improve our existing connectivity, it became clear that Viasat’s products and services would enhance it on more devices across more of our fleet—which will boost the value of our Owners’ flight experiences,” said Flexjet Chief Operating Officer Megan Wolf.

“We also appreciated their satellite roadmap, which would ensure the IFC investments we’re making today will meet the increasing data demands of tomorrow.”

“By working in close partnership with Flexjet, we tailored our solution so they could gain advantages from both our Ku- and Ka-band solutions,” said Claudio D’Amico, Viasat’s business area director, Business Aviation.

“We felt it was critical to work closely with Flexjet to create an IFC solution that was both economically sustainable and technically strong for their long-term commitment needs.

“We have confidence this deal will lead to a long-standing relationship that will continue to grow as we bring on more global capacity to serve more of Flexjet’s aircraft—in both Europe and the U.S.”