First Euramec Diamond DA-20 Flight Simulator In Service at Aeroviation Singapore

posted on 5th February 2020 by Eddie Saunders
First Euramec Diamond DA-20 Flight Simulator In Service at Aeroviation Singapore

Euramec, the European flight simulation solution providers announced that Aeroviation Inc in Singapore is now operating their first Diamond DA-20 flight simulator.

Faris Iskandar, CEO Aeroviation: “Aeroviation is an aviation hub in Singapore that trains future aviators starting from seven years olds, all the way to adults. Students from 15 years onwards will proceed to obtain their Recreational Pilot Certificate or go further. The Diamond DA-20 is an excellent tool for students to transit smoothly to an actual aircraft and obtain their licenses in a short amount of time.”

EURAMEC’s DA-20 Flight Training Device has an enclosed cockpit with a grand 240 degree horizontal and 40-degree vertical view to guarantee a most realistic flying experience.

Bert Buyle, CEO EURAMEC: “Diamond flight simulators are built of authentic Diamond aircraft parts, with real avionics, high-end visuals and OEM flight models for safe flight training on your way to obtain a Private Pilot License.”

Aeroviation will benefit from EURAMEC’s experience to deliver flight training regardless of weather conditions or aircraft availability – with a focus on skills and technique development for top student value and satisfaction.

It does not get any more realistic,” Bert Buyle said. “We are very proud to support the Singapore aviation eco-system with their new state of the art flight trainer.”

Faris Iskandahar said: “The Diamond 20 from Euramec is an excellent simulator which both our instructors and students enjoy flying it. It was a pleasant experience from receiving the DA-20 on day 1 till it was installed in Singapore. The Euramec team are very professional and very efficient in supporting us to kick start our first DA 20 flight simulator in Singapore.”