UTG PA sums up 2021 and announces plans for the future

posted on 12th January 2022 by Eddie Saunders
UTG PA sums up 2021 and announces plans for the future

Last year marked the appearance of a new player in the Russian business aviation market.

In April 2021, UTG PA, a part of UTG Group, became the new operator of the Domodedovo Business Aviation Center.

UTG Group was founded in 1998 and has become Russia’s largest independent full-service technical and ground handling operator with divisions at the major Russian airports Vnukovo, Domodedovo, and Pulkovo.

From April to the end of December 2021, the new FBO handled 10,297 passengers. On average, the FBO handles 1,144 passengers a month.

The most active in 2021 were May (1,440), and November (1,389 passengers).

From the very first day, UTG PA has been actively working to transform FBO Domodedovo into a brand-new facility, according to its vision and considering the demands of its clients.

The company invests a lot of effort and resources in the renovation, staff training, and launch of new services.

In June 2021, the first stage of reconstruction was completed. It included the FBO apron overhaul and comprehensive renovation of the ground floor of the terminal. Now guests enjoy a modern interior filled with light. Passenger traffic is separated into green and red channels, for domestic and international destinations, as well as passengers flying to the EAEU countries. It helped reduce the preflight time, making this routine more convenient for passengers. For the crews, there is a functional working zone.

In September 2021, UTG PA and SKYPRO TECHNICS signed an agreement to create an authorized Pilatus center with a full range of line and scheduled maintenance services. A Pilatus aircraft started basing and maintenance in the FBO in October. It became a symbolic start of the project. Today UTG PA in cooperation with UTG Aviation Services also offers maintenance services for various manufacturers’ wheels, brakes, and aircraft batteries, including business jets.

Beginning from October 2021, the company started offering flight support services for business aviation. These include ground handling arrangements (outside of Domodedovo airport) and obtaining overflight and landing permits worldwide. Crews can get navigational estimates, weather reports, NOTAMs, and flight plans. We also provide additional services like rapid PCR tests on arrival, visa support, inflight catering, transfers and accommodations, and assistance in aircraft customs clearance (“Import-53”).

These new services follow the general concept of UTG PA development, where the Business Aviation Center can accumulate and provide all types of services that customers need, including turnkey flight arrangements.

The advantages of the new center include competitive prices, the well-developed infrastructure of Domodedovo airport helping to perform flights on short notice regardless of weather, and the unique synergy of business and commercial aviation. It allows clients, for example, to fly their jet or helicopter from another city or region for a scheduled flight and leave the aircraft in the hangar, combining the travel with a maintenance service.

UTG PA successfully cooperates with sports teams and brokers who organize charter flights for delegations. Over the past months, the Business Aviation Center has successfully mastered the specifics of this kind of flight and improved its handling. The integration with Domodedovo airport and direct partnership with airlines also helps to do it the best way. The delegations arrive at the FBO territory while the plane is waiting for them right in front of the terminal and get on board just in a few minutes.

The New Year begins with the new interior of the bar and lounge area: in February, we will install a stylish wing-shaped counter along with brand-new designer furniture. The long-awaited launch of a gourmet restaurant is scheduled for March. The ground floor of the terminal will be expanded with glass panoramic verandas, and one of them will include a spacious conference room. This will be followed by the renovation of the second floor, the construction of new facades, and landscape improvements of the territory. The reconstruction will complete by the end of 2022.

The opening of our own helipad is also planned for 2022. It will be located on the FBO territory 50 meters from the Terminal, but outside the airfield. It will complement the existing opportunities for helicopters landing on the Domodedovo airfield. It will be a great alternative to the car journey, thereby solving the matter of transport accessibility and the traffic situation.  

UTG PA currently operates a business aviation infrastructure at Domodedovo Airport. It includes a VIP passenger terminal of 770 sq. meters, three hangars for business aviation aircraft of 8,000 sq. meters, an extensive apron of 17 000 sq.m, which is also to be expanded in the future and provides a full range of ground handling services.