Exclusive: Former Wijet CEO, Patrick Hersent, explains departure

posted on 8th August 2018 by Omar
Exclusive: Former Wijet CEO, Patrick Hersent, explains departure

Patrick Hersent, the former CEO of Wijet, has disclosed to EVA magazine online the context of his departure from the company last June.

In a correspondence with EVA, it was noted: “Patrick Hersent, CEO of Wijet, decided to leave the Group last mid-June, on the grounds of strategic disagreements with the supervisory board.

After one year of constant efforts to turn around the group, he felt he was not in a position to implement the new strategy based on the attrition of English business and a potential development of the French entity.

Shortly after his resignation, Wijet announced their English entities were placed under administration. As a consequence Wijet lost their AOC.”

Hersent subsequently set up his own business following the departure. The company, named Binfield Group, is an industry consultancy group. Further details on the venture will be provided to the magazine in due course.

The charter company announced in June it would cease operations in the UK and give up its AOC in the country – although it said its operations in continental Europe would continue.

Wijet said it could not see any future running the UK arm of the business and it would cease immediately to do so.

The charter company also stated that it cannot pay its UK staff and that administrators would be coming to its offices the same week.

The company has stated that the decision was partly driven by Brexit.