Epic Aircraft Chooses Frasca As Development Partner

posted on 15th December 2020 by Parveen Raja
Epic Aircraft Chooses Frasca As Development Partner

Epic’s E1000 GX Flight Training Curriculum is modeled after turbojet type rating programs, providing a level of training that in many cases exceeds industry norms for single-engine turboprop aircraft. Epic’s ‘train to proficiency’ approach combines extensive self-study skills development with online ground, all completed prior to attending onsite factory-supervised flight training. The Frasca simulator will enhance much of the typical 15-25 hours of required flight training. 

“We expect to shift the majority of initial and recurrent flight training hours from the airplane into the simulator, which will tremendously reduce costs and greatly enhance our ability to realistically simulate emergency procedures and system failure scenarios,” added King. “That means our customers will be better trained and better prepared to safely and confidently operate in this high-performance environment.” 

The E1000 GX, which is powered by the Pratt & Whitney 1200-HP PT6A-67A engine and the Hartzell 5-blade composite propeller, cruises at over 330 knots, climbs at 4,000 feet per minute, offers a full-fuel payload of 1,100 pounds, operates up to 34,000 feet, and travels coast to coast with one fuel stop. It is equipped with the Garmin GFC 700 Automated Flight Control System.

“We are very excited about the opportunity to collaborate with Epic to support such an exciting new aircraft,” commented Victor Veltze, Business Development Manager at Frasca. “Epic’s enthusiasm for aviation and absolute commitment to safety perfectly complement our values. We look forward to delivering a realistic and highly effective training tool for their customers.”