Dubai-based Empire Aviation Group announces launch of aircraft management services in Egypt

posted on 14th November 2019 by Eddie Saunders
Dubai-based Empire Aviation Group announces launch of aircraft management services in Egypt

Dubai-based Empire Aviation Group is presenting its growing range of services at Dubai Air Show 2019, including the launch of aircraft management services in Egypt, and new CAMO-only management contracts for third party operators. Empire Aviation continues to grow its managed fleet and global reach, with operations in the Middle East, US, San Marino, India, and Africa. 

Empire Aviation has launched aircraft management services in Egypt and inducted the first aircraft – a Bombardier Global 6000 (G6000) business jet – into the company’s extensive managed fleet of over 20 business jets. In addition to managing and operating the new business jet for the owner’s private use, Empire Aviation will also offer the aircraft to the global charter market.

The Bombardier Global 6000 has excellent long-haul capabilities, with a flight range of 6,000nm (nautical miles). It comfortably accommodates up to 13 in a luxurious cabin, and has a well-equipped galley, plus a private stateroom. For onboard entertainment, the aircraft is fitted with the latest technology which includes wi-fi connectivity. Ka-band (the fastest in-flight internet connectivity worldwide) ensures that wherever the aircraft travels, passengers will always stay connected.

At Dubai Air Show 2019, Empire Aviation is also highlighting the company’s CAMO certification – Continuing Airworthiness Management Organization – to ensure aircraft owners comply with the stringent legal and technical demands of operating a business jet. Based on Empire Aviation’s extensive experience with its own managed aircraft and the CAMO certification, the company has now launched CAMO services as a stand-alone offer for third party aircraft owners and operators. Two business jets are already on CAMO-only contracts, under which Empire Aviation takes responsibility for the quality management, auditing and records of each contracted aircraft. CAMO is a commitment to ensuring the ‘air worthiness’ of an aircraft, culminating in a Certificate of Release to Service, without which an aircraft will not be able to fly.

Paras P. Dhamecha

“We are delighted to announce the introduction of our full-service aircraft management in Egypt, which is a market with tremendous potential. The G6000 is an excellent aircraft and a great addition to our regional managed fleet and aircraft available for charter.” Empire Aviation Group Managing Director, Paras P. Dhamecha, comments,

“We already have other candidate aircraft in the pipeline for Egypt and benefit from the support of our associate partner, Z-Aviation Services (ZAS) in Cairo. It’s our ability to integrate seamlessly all these strands of private aviation – sales, management, operations, CAMO and charter – that means Empire Aviation can support owners and operators so effectively and make ownership a positive and rewarding experience.” 

Since launching in Dubai in 2007, Empire Aviation Group has developed into a global private aviation player with operations in the leading aviation regions, including the USA, Europe, India, Africa and Hong Kong, in addition to the Middle East – now including Egypt. Today, Empire Aviation Group manages one of the Middle East’s largest managed fleets of business jets with more than 20 aircraft under management. Empire Aviation now holds AOCs in the UAE and San Marino, and an NSOP in India.