Duncan Aviation Publishes Updated Cabin Management System Straight Talk Book

posted on 23rd February 2022 by Eddie Saunders
Duncan Aviation Publishes Updated Cabin Management System Straight Talk Book

Duncan Aviation is as guilty as the next MRO when it comes to throwing around acronyms like CMS, HD, and HDR, which stand for, respectively, Cabin Management System, High Definition, High Dynamic Range.

So Duncan Aviation publishes a series called Straight Talk, which includes books, webinars, and podcasts, that are designed to keep the business aviation industry well-informed with regard to cutting-edge technologies and the acronyms that describe them.  

Recently, a team of avionics sales professionals at Duncan Aviation updated the information in the CMS Straight Talk Book.

The book introduces readers to CMSes, or Cabin Management Systems, which control all of the other powered devices in a cabin, such as lighting, shades, audio/visual sources, and climate equipment.

Through the CMS, passengers in the cabin can also control the in-flight entertainment, such as what they watch on the bulkhead-mounted High-Definition (HD) television, the volume of the speakers, or what content is streaming from a media source.  

“In this book, we take a close look at the specific cabin and control options available with a new or upgraded CMS,” says Senior Avionics Sales Rep Steve Elofson.

“Whether interest stems from obsolescence issues or from the desire to take advantage of recent advancements in cabin technologies, we hope our customers will use this book as a guide to upgrading, reconfiguring, or replacing their own cabin management systems.”