Duncan Aviation installs Gogo AVANCE L3

posted on 13th April 2018 by Jordan Newton

Duncan Aviation is pleased to announce that the company completed installation of the newly released Gogo AVANCE® L3 Wi-Fi system in a Citation 560XLS in January. Duncan Aviation prides itself on staying informed about the best and most technically advanced equipment available for its customers.

“We were excited to install this new Gogo AVANCE L3 Wi-Fi system within days of the equipment coming available,” says Avionics Sales Representative Jeff Simmons.

“Duncan Aviation has been the leader in installing Gogo’s Air-To-Ground (ATG) systems for many years, and we’ve installed several hundred of the systems. The AVANCE L3 is the next generation of connectivity, and we anticipate that it will also be a great system for our customers.”

The Gogo AVANCE L3 replaces Gogo’s ATG 1000 through 5000 systems and is designed for airframes of all types and sizes, but is ideal for light-to-mid-sized aircraft. The system is scalable with several configurations available as well as a state-of-the-art modem and router.

The AVANCE L3 system operates on the Gogo Biz ATG network comprising more than 250 towers throught the continental US and portions of Canada and Alaska. The Gogo AVANCE platform delivers Gogo Text & Talk along with an integrated inflight entertainment (IFE) media server – Gogo Vision – which offers streaming movies and television progams to the personal dvices of those onboard. Gogo Vision is currently being offered for free during a 90-day trial period (limited time offer).

“The customer was thrilled to find out the AVANCE L3 Wi-Fi system was available,” says Simmons. “He did not want to install an older system when there was a newer one with greater capabilities available.”

Because the equipment and installation are covered by a Major Repair Alteration (MRA), the new Wi-Fi system is an affordable connectivity option for light-to-mid-sized aircraft.

A second installation in a Citation was completed at the Lincoln, Nebraska, facility in March, and another at the Duncan Aviation Satellite Avionics Shop in Las Vegas, Nevada, in April. In addition, the Satellite Avionics Shop in Kansas City, Missouri, will be installing an AVANCE L3 Wi-Fi System in a Falcon 50 in May.