Duncan Aviation Creates STC Switch Panels For Low Serial CL-300s

posted on 5th October 2022 by Eddie Saunders
Duncan Aviation Creates STC Switch Panels For Low Serial CL-300s

Duncan Aviation has announced it has created a Parts Manufacturer Approval (PMA) part for the bezel surrounding the odd-shaped cutout left when replacing the obsolete Audio International switch panel.

In the past, upgrading to a newer Collins Aerospace Venue Cabin Management System (CMS) required making modifications to the drinkrails because of that odd, dog-ear-shaped cutout, which added to the expense of the replacement.

The Duncan Aviation PMAed part creates a new bezel to surround the contemporary, touchscreen panel from the Venue CMS when owner/operators opt to replace the obsolete switch panel found in CL-300 aircraft with low serial numbers.

“Our Interior teams can paint, plate, or hydrodip the panels to make the new panels flow with the aesthetics of the interior design,” says Duncan Aviation Avionics Sales Rep Scott Kruce.

“This is an excellent solution for our customers with low serial number CL-300s who have an obsolete Audio International CMS and want to upgrade to the Collins Venue CMS with its touchscreen control panels while avoiding the major modifications to the woodwork in the drinkrails.”

Duncan Aviation’s Engineering team and its Duncan Manufacturing Solutions (DMS) team collaborated to create not just the STC but also a part that will house the new Collins Aerospace touchscreen panel.

The STC covers the part necessary to fill the cutout and Duncan Aviation will provide whatever finish the customer envisions.