JetHQ Expands Africa Sales Footprint

posted on 22nd April 2021 by Eddie Saunders
JetHQ Expands Africa Sales Footprint

JetHQ’s success in the region has been part of a year-long expansion drive.

“The difference is having professionals who are there, who know the culture and know the needs of clients,” Johnson said.

“We can be on location that day to answer questions, assess aircraft for purchase or sale and meet face-to-face to make personal relationships and overcome any obstacles in the transactions.

“These clients have not previously received this level of service when it comes to aircraft transaction.”

“JetHQ has the resources and connections to make transactions easy for our clients,” Johnson said.

“That includes having a pilot and technician in the country, working with our partners after the sale, training to get the most return from their investment. We’re able and willing to go places other companies just aren’t.”

That also includes working with in-country brokers in places such as South Africa to partner with details. As a whole, the region has seen growth in midsize and super-midsize jet sectors.

While aircraft acquisitions have been JetHQ’s primary area of service in Africa, it is also assisting its customers in fleet management and aircraft sales.

JetHQ leverages its market data analysis to locate global buyers, allowing customers to maximize their investment for aircraft that is no longer needed.

JetHQ has also recently expanded in India and South Asia, growing its experienced team this year, and serving as the authorized sales representative for Kodiak aircraft in the region.