Derazona to be Asia’s first H160 operator for oil and gas

posted on 12th April 2021 by Eddie Saunders
Derazona to be Asia’s first H160 operator for oil and gas

“This new order is a timely welcome as our company embarks on a transformation journey to grow our business,” said Ramadi Widyardiono, Business Development Manager of Derazona Helicopters.

“We are very impressed by the performance of the H160, and excited at the opportunities that this state-of-the-art helicopter will bring to our operations,”

“We are greatly honoured by Derazona’s vote of confidence, becoming not just the country’s first H160 operator, but our oil and gas launch customer in the Asia Pacific region,” said Vincent Dubrule, Head of Asia Pacific of Airbus Helicopters.

“The H160 is a game-changer, setting new standards for safety, performance, comfort and design,” he added

“We trust that it will be a valuable asset to our customer as they bolster their operations with this versatile workhorse,” .

With 68 patents, the innovative H160 is the world’s most technologically advanced helicopter designed with passenger’s safety and comfort in mind.

The aircraft has been designed from the very beginning to comply with the demanding conditions of oil and gas operations. The aircraft’s compact size will be an added advantage to landing on oil platforms.