Clermont Group completes acquisition of Eviation Aircraft

posted on 30th August 2019 by William Hayes
Clermont Group completes acquisition of Eviation Aircraft

Singapore-based conglomerate Clermont Group has announced the acquisition of Eviation Aircraft, the company building the world’s first all-electric commuter plane.

Clermont acquired a 70 per cent stake in the Israel based start-up, which unveiled its all-electric Alice aircraft at the Paris Air Show in June, back in January this year.

“Electric airplanes will shape the future of the aviation and transportation industries making air travel cleaner, cheaper and more efficient,” said Clermont Group chairman Richard Chandler.

“We are at the dawn of a new era in aviation and Clermont is investing in innovation to lead this transformation.”

Clermont Aerospace also owns magniX, an electric engine company partnering with Canadian seaplane operator Harbour Air, as well as supplying the engine for the Eviation Alice.

“Eviation and magniX are two highly complementary platforms both focused on making the dream of sustainable flight a reality,” added Chandler.