Clay Lacy Aviation goes green with cleaner fuel deal

posted on 22nd March 2021 by Eddie Saunders
Clay Lacy Aviation goes green with cleaner fuel deal

The SAF used reduced net greenhouse gases by up to 80 per cent and should result in the reduction of 192 tons of carbon this year, the equivalent of driving the average car 475,000 miles.

World Fuel has also agreed to supply renewable diesel to power Clay Lacy’s fuel trucks, ground power units (GPUs), tugs and other ground-support vehicles.

This transition to more sustainable fuel should stop a further 64.5 tons of carbon from being pumped into the atmosphere during 2021.

Clay Lacy’s SVP of business operations Scott Cutshall said: “World Fuel is a key partner in our sustainability strategy, implementing a broad range of initiatives to significantly reduce our carbon footprint.

“Developed in concert with their sustainability experts at World Kinect Energy, our strategy also includes carbon offset programs for aircraft management clients, and Van Nuys and Orange County FBO customers, as well as renewable energy and sustainable purchasing, construction and operating practices.

“We are proud to report that all Clay Lacy facilities have achieved net-zero carbon status for calendar years 2019 and 2020.”

World Fuel Services vice president Darren Fuller added: “We are delighted to begin providing a regular supply of SAF and renewable diesel to both Clay Lacy FBOs.

“Demand for SAF is growing and it is rewarding to work with Clay Lacy to help our industry achieve its goal of cutting carbon emission in half by 2050.”