Clay Lacy implements FL3XX – Aviation Management Platform

posted on 21st January 2021 by Parveen Raja
Clay Lacy implements FL3XX - Aviation Management Platform

What followed is one and a half years of detailed work, where hundreds of specific features were created ad-hoc to enable everyone at Clay Lacy to serve and support the owners and charter customers most effectively and efficiently.  After 12000 hours of software development, 2800 hours of meetings,  3200 hours of feature specification definition, 3500 hours of testing, and an estimated 17000 cups of coffee, the FL3XX platform is now in service across the entire Clay Lacy enterprise.

This is the most extensive and most complex application in service in business aviation.  It is also the largest software project that has ever come to fruition and is currently live in the industry. 

I am in awe at what we built over the past months,” said Paolo Sommariva, CEO and Co-founder of FL3XXand to be clear, it is not only the prowess of the FL3XX team, it is the leadership, speed, and workmanship of the Clay Lacy team and our capacity to engage and solve problems in fast and direct ways that sealed the success”. 

A large emphasis was put on connecting Clay Lacy’s existing infrastructure to the versatile FL3XX API, allowing for data accumulated over the companies long history to migrate and be thoroughly tested. In parallel, the FL3XX software platform and mobile suite were implemented and the process reviewed for compatibility with the internal workflows.

We checked in with all the FAA, CBP, tax regulations, and other US-specific complexities, with a 100% positive outcomenoted Stefan Oberender, FL3XX Co-founder and COO, himself a German aeronautical engineer and professional pilot.

FL3XX is clearly an innovator in the market. We were delighted with the responsiveness and attention to detail the FL3XX team brought to the project.” said Brad Cardinal, Clay Lacy CTO, and added  “the overall need for customization in the implementation was considerably low. The Clay Lacy and FL3XX teams worked in close coordination to improve processes and the platform as a whole.”

The project wrapped up with a thorough onboarding program and dedicated training for all operational departments. And while the number and breadth of features will keep increasing in the future, the FL3XX implementation already now saves thousands of work hours for Clay Lacy.