Clay Lacy implements FL3XX – Aviation Management Platform

posted on 21st January 2021 by Parveen Raja
Clay Lacy implements FL3XX - Aviation Management Platform

It’s a long story of passion, workmanship, and airplanes.  It started 2 years ago in San Francisco and is due to continue for the decades ahead.  In the halls of in October 2018,  a delegation of Clay Lacy Aviation received a quick demo from a small Austrian tech startup.  FL3XX was the last of a dozen companies evaluated to provide Clay Lacy with a long-term solution for its flight operations and charter departments.  The solution was to replace the custom system that was built in-house.

In the following 6 months, all requirements were evaluated and of course, FL3XX did not have it all, just as all other players. Clay Lacy had the ambition, now reality, to integrate all its services, so teams work in unity whether for owners, charter sales, maintenance, FBOs or any other Clay Lacy’s businesses. FL3XX proved a unique capacity: its workmanship and Clay Lacy recognized that.