Celebrating women in aviation and redressing gender imbalance

posted on 8th March 2021 by Eddie Saunders
Celebrating women in aviation and redressing gender imbalance

But the Workforce Report from Women in Aviation International shows that 70 per cent of the sector’s workforce are men, 93 per cent of pilots are male – and that women are outnumbered in every role other than cabin crew.

At Chapman Freeborn 45 per cent of employees are women and the company has begun an online campaign to highlight the vital role they play.

Carol Carini, group communications manager at Chapman Freeborn, said: “There’s no hiding that aviation as an industry is male dominated – but things are changing.

“We all need to do more to show women how exciting the industry is to work in and how many different roles it offers.

“When people think about jobs in aviation they probably think about pilots and cabin crew, but there is so much more to it than that.

“Roles are as varied as being a cargo broker or a broker for passenger charter or private jet hire to being a ground handler. Or from working in HR or PR and marketing, to having a role in aircraft maintenance to name just a few!”

Here are some of their stories of women working at Chapman Freeborn to celebrate International Women’s Day:

Kathy Leroy, VIP charter manager

“I have a fear of flying – but it hasn’t stopped me having a career in aviation, so that shows it’s available to everyone!

“My first connection with the industry came when I was six years old in Dhaka, Bangaldesh and met a blonde Belgian boy, aged nine, who was obsessed with aeroplanes.

“His eyes permanently faced the sky and we became firm friends.

“Twenty-one years later we met again, in London for lunch. He had already started his career in aviation cargo and was still turning his eyes to the sky. We dated long distance for two months and then I moved to the UK – and a year later we were married.

“Eventually I joined him in the industry, at Chapman Freeborn as a trainee charter broker, and I’ve never looked back. As soon as I saw the view from the office, looking directly over the London Gatwick runway, I knew I was in the right place!