Canada launches EpiShuttles in the fight against the corona virus

posted on 17th November 2020 by Eddie Saunders

Keewatin Air is now ready to deploy the isolation pod EpiShuttle, for safe transportation of contagious patients. Canada is facing an increasing number of Covid-19 cases, and safe transport is key to handle the pandemic.

The past week Keewatin staff and hospital staff at the Health Sciences Centre’s simulation lab and Stretcher Service of Manitoba have gone through extensive training including trial runs in using the EpiShuttle.

We now have operational certification from Transport Canada to deploy single-patient isolation and transport units, called EpiShuttles in our Pilatus PC-12 planes. Keewatin, along with Alberta Health Services fixed wing air ambulance has EpiShuttles in operating,” says Janet Busse, Executive Director of Medical Operations at Keewatin Air.