Bentley Takes To The Skies

posted on 1st March 2022 by Eddie Saunders
Bentley Takes To The Skies

Special Bentley livery for BBJ owners created by a cooperation between MAAS Aviation and Mankiewicz Coating Solutions

VIP aircraft owners not only expect a luxurious interior but also demand a first-class exterior finish, an eye-catcher on the runways of Saint Barths or St. Moritz.

That is the reason why a VIP aircraft of a special kind was recently created.

The aircraft’s owner had something unique in mind — he wanted his plane painted to match his Bentley.

The colorimetry specialists at Mankiewicz Coating Solutions accepted the challenge and recreated the exact colour tones of the luxury car.

The result is a sparkling variety of noble blue and brown tones in addition to rose gold, all implemented in a high-performance aircraft coating system that can withstand the harsh conditions of flight operations for many years.

The colours also had to blend seamlessly into one another — not an easy task, because this kind of aircraft painting is handwork, not automated.

The owner relied on the proficiency of MAAS Aviation for this job, who are recognised experts in aircraft painting and exterior coatings.

Besides the challenges of the special livery, the aircraft had to be airborne again in a very short time.

Mankiewicz Coating Solutions and MAAS Aviation expertly matched the colour tones, tested them together and worked out the ideal application process.

The result speaks for itself: a seamless colour gradient with intensely glittering micas and a very smooth VIP high-gloss finish.

The longstanding excellent cooperation between the two companies contributed significantly to the successful outcome in this case.

Both are globally positioned and have already delivered countless aircraft to airlines for OEMs and the commercial refurbishment sector.

This project demonstrates outstanding results in the bespoke VIP sector with a very individual high-quality finish.