Avinode unlocks profits for operators

posted on 22nd October 2019 by Eddie Saunders
Avinode unlocks profits for operators

Business aviation technology leader Avinode is surging ahead with a range of features to help operators manage their profit margins, by ensuring flight prices are accurately listed and encouraging an uptake in dynamic pricing.

Features available now include seasonal pricing profiles, where varying monthly or quarterly rates can be uploaded in advance; and price accuracy percentages, which measure the difference between a listed and a quoted price. Avinode is also developing cost profiles, to be launched within the year, where operators can upload a flight’s associated costs, to measure profit achieved as well as revenue.

Harry Clarke, senior commercial analyst, Avinode, says: “As the business air charter industry turns towards digital transformation, we have more data at our fingertips to help us learn how this market behaves, what customers want, and – above all – how to price flights to generate maximum profit. Many of these lessons derive from commercial aviation, such as dynamic pricing – using our knowledge of seasonal peaks and troughs to raise or lower prices in line with demand.

“At Avinode, we have a wide range of tools to help operators drive profit through their data. These features centre around optimising list prices and improving accuracy compared to your quotes. Better price accuracy from the outset builds trust, leading to higher customer retention. Plus, our tools help you to be confident your prices reflect market conditions, so you’re not over- or under-pricing flights.”

Harry Clarke will be presenting a talk on how to supercharge your business with profit optimization at 3.00-3.15pm on Tuesday 22ndOctober at NBAA, Avinode stand #C9624.

Per Marthinsson, founder and EVP, Avinode Group, adds: “There are simple steps operators can take to help boost their business through Avinode. Activities like working to improve your price accuracy percentage, particularly on ‘Take off Ready’ flights, will enable you to better forecast your revenues and maximise your profit margins accordingly.

“We’re constantly seeking ways to help operators take control of their profits – if you have any thoughts, please do come and share them with us on booth #C9624 at NBAA, or speak to your dedicated business manager.”