Avinode to merge marketing and customer support for next-gen 2020s

posted on 30th January 2020 by Eddie Saunders
Avinode to merge marketing and customer support for next-gen 2020s

Business aviation technology leader Avinode Group has followed the example of technology giants like Spotify and Netflix by combining its marketing and customer support divisions to create a customer experience (CX) team, to build a fuller experience and enhance the value its products bring to customers and users.

In line with the new structure, Avinode Group’s head of marketing, Alex MacRae, has also become head of CX. She leads a team of 12 specialists in both areas.

Alex MacRae

Alex MacRae, head of marketing and customer experience, says: “Customers now expect a fully personalised service from brands at every point of engagement they have. Business aviation is renowned for its hands-on, bespoke customer service, and this needs to translate into the digital age. By combining marketing and CX, we’re ensuring Avinode Group’s members are receiving relevant and meaningful communications from us both on and offline.

Business aviation is also a very niche industry. As a B2B company, it is important that our members feel positively about the service they receive from Avinode Group, so they will pass the word on to their colleagues and industry peers. Our new combined marketing and CX division will guarantee that our channels of communication are always open, so we’re able to listen to our members, be relevant to their needs, understand how we can improve, and implement innovative solutions for them.”

Avinode Group consists of Avinode, Schedaero and Paynode. The Group’s most famous product, Avinode, is the world’s leading air charter sourcing platform. Launched in 2002, Avinode was the first online marketplace connecting charter brokers and operators to buy and sell private jet charter flights. Today, the company has a network of more than 7,500 air charter professionals and processes around 4.5 million trip searches and 6 million trip requests every year.