Avfuel Pinpoints New Solutions and Ramps Up Support in 2020

posted on 3rd December 2020 by Parveen Raja
Avfuel Pinpoints New Solutions and Ramps Up Support in 2020

Logistical Expertise

In its commercial fuel division, Avfuel’s experts have focused extensively on logistics. As the world navigates its response to the COVID-19 pandemic, it has increasingly relied upon air transport for the efficient movement of lifesaving PPE and medical supplies. Now, the industry is prepping for some of its most precious cargo yet: the long-awaited COVID-19 vaccine.

In anticipation for this development, Avfuel’s positioning its team and communicating with carriers on solutions to support these integral missions on a global scale, including: short-notice assistance with 24/7 operations support; arranging support at major ports of entry, tech stops, and stops in alternative markets to avoid congestion or accommodate parking needs; short- and long-term fuel supply needs; and coordinating any possible tax exemptions.

Ensuring a smooth, efficient distribution system for the vaccine will require an extensive amount of logistical preparation across the industry; Avfuel stands ready to support these efforts, listening to its customers’ needs and adapting its services every step of the way.

Those visiting the Avfuel booth at NBAA-VBACE can meet with staff members from Avfuel’s sales and marketing divisions while learning more about the comprehensive services the fuel supplier provides, including: sustainability, fueling locations, contract fuel, loyalty rewards, insurance, trip planning and flight support, full-load and bulk fuel sales, and more.