Avfuel Pinpoints New Solutions and Ramps Up Support in 2020

posted on 3rd December 2020 by Parveen Raja
Avfuel Pinpoints New Solutions and Ramps Up Support in 2020

Capped pricing agreements—as the ultimate price risk management solution—allow for no fixed minimum prices and no minimum volume commitments for a term of 12 – 24 months. As such, customers never pay more than their maximum fuel price, even when the market rises above it. But when the market dips below their capped price, the customer pays the lower price. 

Both programs can be extended to include carbon offsetting and sustainable aviation fuel to help operators reach their emissions reductions goals. 

Robust Support

Of course, Avfuel continues to assist its customers across its broad spectrum of departments and services. Avfuel’s aviation insurance division, Avsurance, has experienced a landmark year in keeping aviation policyholders protected

amidst the special considerations of a pandemic. Meanwhile, Avfuel’s trip support and flight planning division, Avplan, has supported an expansive increase in requests as operators seek assistance navigating special pandemic regulations that seemingly change every day—having a group of people to call 24/7 that is already well versed in the current regulations makes it tremendously easier for operators to focus on passenger requests and the safety of the flight.