ASL Group introduces new logo and corporate identity

posted on 14th May 2020 by Eddie Saunders
ASL Group introduces new logo and corporate identity

Belgium and Netherlands based private jet company ASL Group has introduced a brand new logo and corporate identity for its entire Group.

The new logo clearly marks an important evolution in the visual identity of ASL Group and is in line with the company’s vision for the future, as Philippe Bodson, CEO, indicates:

“It’s not just a logo. It’s a brand. And we wanted it to communicate a very clear and strong message to the world, especially in these very challenging Covid-times. Not only does this new logo tells who we are, it also tells what we do, how we do it and why we do it. It was a very difficult and very long project. Our previous logo had a very strong visual identity too, but it was ageing, and it wasn’t really in line with our vision anymore. ASL Group is a young, dynamic, efficient, fresh, and forward-looking company. We aim for the best services and the best customer experience, and we always aim for higher. This logo represents this vision. A very strong vision and a promise for a brighter future for all the companies that compose our Group today”.

Although the new logo started from a blank sheet of paper, one element of the previous logo was kept as a reminder of the company’s legacy: the deep red colour.

“We thought it was important to keep one element of the previous logo, as a reminder of where we come from. And I am very proud of our company’s history. We started up with 1 aircraft about 25 years ago, and today we operate and mange more than 35 aircraft, under different entities and countries in Europe. The red was the most important visual element of our previous logo and we took it over in our new one” says Bodson.

The new logo is part of a very large project which aims at modernising the entire corporate visual identity of ASL Group. The new logo and the new visual elements will slowly be implemented across the Group’s communication tools (website, social media, in-flight magazine, brochures, etc.) and will be reflected on the company’s buildings, uniforms, aircraft, vehicles, etc.

Variants of the new logo have been developed and will be implements within certain subsidiaries of ASL Group, such as ASL Travel or ASL Academy. Other subsidiaries of the group will keep their names and logo’s but we will be adding the new ASL Group logo next to it with the mention “Member of…”, as a way to reinforce and consolidate ASL Group’s leading position on the European market.