Ascendance Flight Technologies announces first LOIs

posted on 19th July 2022 by Eddie Saunders
Ascendance Flight Technologies announces first LOIs

Ascendance Flight Technologies, the French start-up specializing in low-carbon aviation, has opened its order book.

It has received its first purchase intentions from operators in the US, Asia and Europe for a total of 245 units of Atea, its five-seat hybrid-electric vertical take-off and landing aircraft.

These Letters of Intent (LOI) confirm the sector’s interest in the hybrid technology, endurance and versatility of the aircraft.

Atea is a low carbon alternative to the helicopter, intended for regional use, and will go into production in 2025.

Hybrid-electric technology and distributed propulsion: for Ascendance Flight Technologies, these technical choices are the safest and fastest solution to move towards a new, cleaner and more sustainable air mobility.

They are the centerpiece to its strategy and the development of its high-performance solutions dedicated to a new generation of aviation: Atea, a multi-use hybrid-electric aircraft and Sterna, its patented modular hybrid propulsion system.

With its focus on decentralized aviation or decarbonization of existing aircraft, Ascendance anticipates and develops agile solutions that will impact the future of mobility.

Since its founding in 2018, the young company has steadily and rigorously met several key milestones of its ambitious development schedule.

“Our project to decarbonize aviation had to be anchored in reality,” stresses Jean-Christophe Lambert, co-founder and CEO of Ascendance.

“We built it around the cornerstones of our industry, which are safety, efficiency, resilience, comfort and cost effectiveness. These imperatives are at the heart of our customers’ demands and guide our innovations.

“With Atea, we can now offer our customers an easier transition to a low-carbon fleet, with a high-performance, competitive aircraft available at very short notice.”

International customers

Both aircraft and engine manufacturer, Ascendance Flight Technologies designs solutions in response to the concrete expectations of the aviation industry’s players and users.

This aim is reflected in the design and architecture of Atea, which has convinced demanding customers across three continents.

The Letters of Intent registered today reflect the suitability of Ascendance solutions to the operational needs and business model of players with varied profiles: helicopter operator, air carrier, aircraft charterer or cargo specialist.

While further negotiations are still underway, Ascendance is pleased to announce that 6 companies have signed LOIs for 245 Atea.

Located in Europe, the United States and Asia, they cover several areas of activities : 


According to Geoffroy Cahen, Head of Sales & Marketing at PhilJets Group, “Ascendance’s proposal is conclusive: they offer a carbon-free aircraft adapted to a wide range of routes, uses, and needs, which is what we are looking for in the highly competitive and constantly changing market in which we operate.

“We serve a wide range of needs across the 7,000-island Philippine archipelago, from charter flights to tourist flights, medical evacuations, and on-site professional transportation.

“The distinction was also due to Atea’s technological capabilities and Ascendance’s willingness to include us in the development process”.

“FlyShare is excited to be the first FAA Part 135 carrier to be able to deploy the Ascendance Atea in the USA”, James H Hopkins, Chairman, FlyShare Inc

“Ascendance has implemented several features in the Atea that gives it superior range, speed, and load capacity; the Atea matches the needs of our business model extremely well. 

“We are impressed with Ascendance’s technical decisions with respect to power plant and the ability to incrementally improve the emissions profile of the aircraft over the first few years of its introduction into service. 

“This makes it a very safe choice for both our customers and our business.  We are thrilled to be an Ascendance partner.”

These initial order intentions are a strong sign for Ascendance Flight Technologies, which is making steady progress towards certification and entry into service of its aircraft.

At the same time, the company has established a good working partnership with the buyers: Atea’s performances and assets have struck a chord with these customers, as they offer a tailor-made response to their operational needs,” explains Thibault Baldivia, co-founder and CCO of Ascendance.

“We are now working closely with future users to ensure that the aircraft, once delivered, is perfectly adapted to their markets, their customers and their business model”.