Argus launches first Asian renewable diesel and SAF prices

posted on 7th December 2020 by Eddie Saunders
Argus launches first Asian renewable diesel and SAF prices

As these countries and companies move away from fossil fuels, hydrotreated vegetable oil (HVO), or renewable diesel, is becoming increasingly popular as an alternative to traditional petroleum diesel. Renewable diesel can be blended into the existing petroleum diesel pool or used as a substitute.

The new Argus prices are for renewable diesel produced from three different groups of feedstocks — food and feed crops, used cooking oil/palm oil mill effluent, and tallow.

SAF is made from waste products such as used cooking oil and can be mixed with conventional jet fuel to provide a lower-carbon alternative to purely petroleum-based jet fuel.

The new Asian renewable diesel and SAF prices are published daily in the Argus Biofuels report and the SAF price is also included in the Argus Jet Fuel report.

Argus Media chairman and chief executive Adrian Binks said: “These new prices help shed light on an increasingly important part of the diesel and jet-kerosine pool in Asia. Argus is already the industry’s publisher of choice for European biofuels prices, so we are very proud to be at the forefront of providing transparency to these nascent markets in Asia.”