ARGUS International: COVID-19 and the Impact on the Business Aviation Industry

posted on 8th April 2020 by Eddie Saunders
ARGUS International: COVID-19 and the Impact on the Business Aviation Industry

ARGUS International, Inc., a member of the SGS Group, today announces its release of the organization’s analysis of the disruption caused by COVID-19 on business aviation flight activity. The publication titled “COVID-19 and the Impact on the Business Aviation Industry,” is available for download on their website at and outlines the dramatic results the global pandemic is having on the business aviation community and the longer-term predictions.

Without a doubt, the aggressive yet necessary steps taken to contain the COVID-19 pandemic have had a chilling effect on the aviation industry,” said Joe Moeggenberg, CEO of ARGUS International. “Using our realtime and historical TRAQPak flight tracking data, our analysts took an objective, data-driven look into how this catastrophic event has altered business aviation traffic and provided a glimpse of what to expect soon.”

In addition to the white paper, ARGUS announces that it will conduct a webinar to provide the business aviation community with a more in-depth analysis of the findings contained in the white paper along with updated data and projections.

This webinar offers a unique opportunity for attendees to speak with the analysts that brought us this content and gain additional insights,” said Charles Cunningham, Vice President of Sales and Marketing VP at ARGUS International. “We hope this session will provide much-needed answers to an industry that is collectively on bated breath.”