APERTUS Aviation introduce the DONATE program

posted on 5th May 2020 by Eddie Saunders
APERTUS Aviation introduce the DONATE program

According to research published by several organizations including United Nations, 7 million hectares of forest are destroyed every year. To put that into perspective it is approximately 15 billion trees, or, an area roughly the size of Portugal every year. The mass destruction of trees (deforestation) causes large disruption to world’s natural ecology and a major cause of global warming.

With this large disruption, many species of animals are under pressure of extinctions. The damage done to the world’s natural ecology has also started to affect human being’s livelihood. For bettering the world’s future, we need to start making positive changes.

By introducing the DONATE program, our goal is to support various charity organizations around the world to plant more trees, conduct research and offer environmental education. So, you and our next generations can enjoy fresher air and more land can be returned to mother nature encouraging a more balanced ecological cycle.

To begin the program, APERTUS is now having two of our trendy branded products on sale through our website www.apertus.aero/donate-1, where 100% of the profit generated will be donated. Every quarter, APERTUS will select an organization for where the donation goes to. Through our regular newsletter and social media posts, we will provide summary detailing the program, the fund donated, the work that is being done, and the positive cause we have together contributed to.

For as little as $45, you can start working with us contributing to the better future of our environment.