AOne Parts brings a new buyer/trader to the team in Nathan Anderson

posted on 7th July 2021 by Eddie Saunders
AOne Parts brings a new buyer/trader to the team in Nathan Anderson

AOne Parts & Logistics announced that Nathan Anderson will be joining the Global Service and Support provider as a full time Buyer/Trader. Nathan is a Marine Corp veteran and a current Air Force reservist.

Anderson accepted the position of an AOne Buyer/Trader anxious to learn, become a member of the AOne Team and be part of the Business Aviation Community.

“When I first communicated with Nathan his attitude and experience stood out and caught my attention.” said Jack Caloras Managing Partner of AOne.

“Several of our existing key team members have military backgrounds.

“We have experienced positive results that lead us to believe military backgrounds can provide the discipline and energy levels that translate into success for a role within our company.”

“When I first learned of the opportunity at AOne it seemed like a company that I wanted to be a part of in an industry that always interested me,” says Anderson.

“During my interview process I got to speak with the Partners of the company, and they expressed
the mission and values of AOne in a clear and direct manner which resonated with me.

“I valued their professionalism and knowledge which made me want to be a part of the AOne team.

“In his role as a Trader, Anderson will be involved in all aspects of vendor monitoring including purchasing, allocating assets for clients and stocking purposes alike, vendor monitoring, both tactical and strategic negotiations of agreements and maintaining vendor relationships so that AOne client’s expectations and requirements can be satisfied,” claimed Caloras.

“The AOne Trader is integral to the success of our business model and we are excited to be able to bring Nathan on at this time”