ANA Business Jet to begin business this July

posted on 29th June 2018 by Omar

ANA and the Sojitz Corporation announced today the establishment date of July 2, 2018 for ANA Business Jet Co., Ltd., naming Jun Katagiri as chief executive officer.

ANA Business Jet Co., Ltd. will organize and arrange for charter flights flown by private jets, as well as other related services for its customers.

“We are honored to provide passengers a new and enhanced travel experience,” said Katagiri. “By offering charter flights connecting to ANA scheduled services, travel time will be drastically shortened providing our customers with convenience, comfort, and privacy.”

ANA Business Jet Co., Ltd. will organize and arrange for charter flights connecting to scheduled ANA services, mainly bound for North America and Europe. In the initial phase, connecting charter flights will be available at Chicago O’Hare International Airport and Los Angeles International Airport.

ANA operates double daily services between Tokyo and Chicago and triple daily services between Tokyo and Los Angeles.

Japanese executives, for the time being don’t have convenient access to private jet solutions already existing in North America and Europe, and the aim of the new company is to introduce such efficient and convenient options, for them to be able to even benefit from their travel time working or relaxing in a comfortable and private atmosphere.

In addition, ANA Business Jet Co., Ltd. can also arrange for direct charter flights from Japan.

With the strength of ANA’s global network, which comprises 85 routes to 43 cities, and Sojitz’s expertise in travel by private jet, the new company will offer a new and enhanced traveling experience to its passengers.