AMSTAT and VANGAS publish charts demonstrating the impact of COVID-19

posted on 23rd July 2020 by Eddie Saunders
AMSTAT and VANGAS publish charts demonstrating the impact of COVID-19

AMSTAT and partner VANGAS Aviation Services, the leading provider of business aviation analytics have published charts showing monthly trends in business aircraft values in 2020 by market group. This data has been generated using the AMSTAT Aircraft Valuation Tool.

In the Heavy Business Jet market group, 2020 stated with a 4% increase in the average estimated value for this group. This trend was reversed in the second half of March and start of April offsetting the initial gains and more with a 7% decline. Values plateaued in late April and early May and then proceeded to fall 16% for a net year-to-date decline of 18%. Early data suggests a recent slowdown in this decline.

In the Super-Mid Business Jet market group estimated values rose for the first 2 months of 2020, gaining 6%. There then followed a period of values oscillated between March and April. Between the second half of May through June the average estimated value for Super-Mid Business Jets fell 15%. Year-to-date values in this group fell 14%.

As with the Heavy Jet and Super-Mid Business Jet groups, the Medium Business Jet average estimated value rose at the start of 2020. For Medium Jets this increase was 3%. Between February and May average estimated values in this market group fell 22%. This downward trend slowed in June and may have started to level off recently.

In the Business Turboprop market group, the average estimated value rose 4% between January and February 2020. The trend between March and May was generally downward, falling a net 14%. As with the Light Jet group, the average estimated value of Business Turboprops has lately started to regain some of the loses from earlier months. Since the start of June, the average estimated value has risen 5%.

Andrew Young, AMSTAT General Manager said: “The AMSTAT Aircraft Valuation Tool is constantly incorporating the latest market data and is able to quickly generate serial number specific aircraft values that reflect current market conditions. The data generated by this tool has enabled VANGAS to create the charts we see here showing the impact of COVID-19 on aircraft values in 2020 and how some market segments might be starting to show some recovery in values.”

Don Spieth at VANGAS added, “The Aircraft Valuation Tool allows users to access information about current market conditions including event driven impact like COVID 19. We are also able to leverage decades of AMSTAT research to determine probabilistic outcomes by comparing previous market disruptions in business aviation. These tools empower our industry with the ability to react to trends and adverse market conditions to better serve their clients.”

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