Alerion Aviation Receives Argus Platinum Elite Rating

posted on 28th October 2022 by Eddie Saunders
Alerion Aviation Receives Argus Platinum Elite Rating

At a ceremony held during the National Business Aviation Association conference last week in Orlando Florida, Alerion Aviation was awarded “Platinum Elite” designation by the Air Research Group /US aka ARGUS.

Alerion is one of four air carriers worldwide to achieve this significant milestone.

Platinum Elite is the aviation industry’s first continuous monitoring safety evaluation system.

As the worldwide leader in specialized aviation services ARGUS helps organizations improve their operational and business decision-making practices.

The ARGUS Platinum Elite rating signifies the highest levels of dedication to world-class safety standards are met and provides customers with increased visibility and peace of mind when it comes to selecting a provider for private jet travel.

The ARGUS Platinum Elite standard represents the highest commercial business aviation standard in the world.

For Alerion it represents validation of continuous adherence to the highest standards by the organization.

Alerion clients and employees now have validation of the commitment to operating to the highest levels of safety and operational processes, not just during biannual audits, but continuously.

This also allows Alerion to combine their data and experience with other great operators and ARGUS to collectively propel business aviation standards to the highest sustainable levels.

Alerion Aviation has partnered with ARGUS in providing exceptional standards in operational safety and is one of only a handful of companies with an ARG/US Platinum Elite rating.

“We are committed to the highest standards of operational safety for our customers and industry partners,” said Bob Seidel, CEO of Alerion Aviation.

“We are extremely proud to be partnered with ARGUS and their 25 years of leadership in benchmarking operating standards.”