Airmont is introducing its streaming services on Apple TV

posted on 9th December 2020 by Eddie Saunders
Airmont is introducing its streaming services on Apple TV

The company’s service allows the passengers of business liners and private jets enjoy live TV shows or video streams without any buffering while on low bandwidth internet access. Also, their own private mobile devices can mirror ready content onto the TV screen while still having good quality with little data use. The aircraft operator can minimize their aircraft’s internet data plan while increasing the number of passengers watching streaming content.

Some VIP aircrafts are making use of Apple TV onboard as a loose equipment, the same way passenger use their laptops during flight. However, the bandwidth required by the Apple TV on-board makes it difficult to provide a satisfactory experience. Airmont player app on Apple TV provides a Chromecast like experience to the passengers while compressing and optimizing the video streaming to use a fraction of the bandwidth that an Apple TV would use. It also allows crew to change the video quality to bring the required bandwidth on the internet link down to 310 kbps per stream.

With this evolution Airmont expects to generalize video streaming experience onboard business jet.

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