Airbus secures first Southeast Asia ACH160 order

posted on 22nd July 2019 by William Hayes
Airbus secures first Southeast Asia ACH160 order

Original equipment manufacturer (OEM) Airbus Helicopters has announced its first ACH160 order from the Southeast Asia and Pacific, from an unnamed buyer in the Philippines.

The aircraft, launched in 2015 but with customer deliveries delayed until next year, will be used in this case for private and business flights within the country’s archipelago.

“Launching the ACH160 in Southeast Asia with a new Philippine customer underlines the global attractiveness of our corporate helicopters offering to meet the evolving travelling needs of our customers,” said Frederic Lemos, Head of Airbus Corporate Helicopters (ACH).

“We are equally excited to see our ACH products gaining good success in the growing Philippine private travel market.”

The helicopter will be backed by HCare first as part of the contract, an Airbus-offered service providing support for operators – the first such agreement delivered in the Southeast Asia region.

The exclusive edition is one of several different versions of the medium twin-engine H160, which is also available for offshore transportation, public services, and commercial passenger transport markets.

Some key features of the H160 include hinged doors instead of sliding ones, as this provides better sound insulation, double-glazed windows, and streamlined sponsons to accommodate electrical footsteps.