Airborne Technologies starts into 2018 as a certified Design Organisation

posted on 16th January 2018 by Omar
Airborne Technologies starts into 2018 as a certified Design Organisation

Airborne Technologies proudly announces that they are a fully EASA approved Part 21, Section A, Subpart J, Design Organisation. The company has received their EASA DOA certification in December 2017.

This important and internationally recognized approval authorizes Airborne Technologies to develop STC´s for normal, utility, aerobatic and commuter fixed-wing aeroplanes (CS 23) as well as for small and large helicopters (CS27 and CS29). It covers a wide range of permissions, beginning with modifications of airframe structures, avionics and cabin configurations, up to the integration of mission equipment as well as flight testing.

Burkhard Jäger, Head of Design Organisation is proud of his colleagues: “I would like to thank the whole team. Without their motivation, expertise and efforts this considerable achievement won´t have been feasible. Special thanks also to the EASA DOA team around Mr. Roland Toma in Cologne that has supported us always constructive and focussed during this comprehensive and demanding process.”

According to Wolfgang Grumeth, CEO of Airborne Technologies: “What sets us apart from the competition is the fact that we are not only a Design Organisation but with the operation of our own flight testing department we are really broadly positioned. We are keen to serve our customers with the full spectrum of DOA capabilities and aviation know-how.

According to the motto “Certified Creativity” our mission is to provide innovative and state-of-the-art solutions which fit within the EASA framework. Too small production area and missing certification where often the arguments of the competition against us. With the construction of our new facility with 43000 sqft operating area and our EASA DOA certification we have taken the wind out of the competitors´ sails once and for all. Furthermore the Production Organisation Approval (POA) will follow within the first quarter of 2018.

Therefore, we can proudly and safely state that Airborne Technologies is built with quality and transparency in mind. We integrate the attitude of quality in our daily work and continuously challenge ourselves to improve the quality of our products and services while always complying with the specifications and regulations”, emphasises Wolfgang Grumeth.