Air Service Basel Announces New Hires and Personnel Changes

posted on 19th November 2019 by Eddie Saunders
Air Service Basel Announces New Hires and Personnel Changes
Benedict Staehelin

Air Service Basel has announced and welcomed Benedict Staehelin as Head of Customer Relations and Projects. Staehelin will be responsible for driving new business and revenue by managing prospect leads and quotations.

He joins Air Service Basel with over 20 years’ experience in the airline and executive aviation industry and is looking forward to using this experience to drive new business into the FBO facility.

CEO Claudio Lasagni comments “We are thrilled to have Benedict on board and look forward to the fresh perspective he will bring to the company“.

Pirmin Schärli

In addition to Staehelin’s hire, former Deputy Maintenance Manager, Pirmin Schärli takes over the Maintenance lead at Air Service Basel after only two years in the company.

Schärli’s passion and talent in his role is what made him stand out for promotion after former manager Patrick Lehrer left the company late September.

Lasagni further comments “I have been incredibly impressed by the rapid progress and commitment Pirmin has dedicated to Air Service Basel since the day he started. Promoting him to the head of the maintenance department was, therefore, a logical step for us and we are looking forward to the next phase that his leadership will bring.”