Air Charter Scotland partners with South Pole to offset carbon emissions

posted on 4th April 2022 by Eddie Saunders
Air Charter Scotland partners with South Pole to offset carbon emissions

Air Charter Scotland, a leading UK-based air charter and aircraft management company, has announced its first commitment to a worthy environmental and community project.

It is teaming with global sustainability consultancy South Pole to fully offset carbon emissions from its business jet fleet based out of London (Biggin Hill and Luton Airports), Glasgow and Malta.

Clients and charter brokers will be offered the option, effective immediately.

After close consultation with South Pole, Air Charter Scotland determined its initial project will help support a new, hydro power water project located on the Du River in the Hubei Province in China.

Newly designed to aid the supply of clean energy, it delivers clean electricity through the hydropower station with an installed capacity of 500MW, reducing pollution for the local community.

“We have been evaluating doing something meaningful and tangible on carbon emissions for some time now,” said Air Charter Scotland COO Derek Thomson.

Air Charter Scotland is also investigating a suitable nature project in the UK to invest in later this year.

“Aviation contributes to 2.5% of all global CO2 output,” he highlighted.

“Business aviation contributes a fraction of that – no more than 0.2% – and our sector continues to lead in the drive to sustainability with next gen alternative powered aircraft the widening supply of sustainable aviation fuel at business aviation airports.”

“This Hubei project is a well-considered community programme our growing base of international clients can identify with.

“It will enable the local community to tap into new, renewable energy sources and reduce its dependence on fossil fuels as the main source of power generation, sparing the environment from 782,000 tonnes of carbon dioxide emissions on average per year.”

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“South Pole supports this worthy project as a significant contributor to improved local transportation and communications systems,” said Agnieszka Kwolek, Aviation and Shipping Expert, South Pole.

“It provides employment opportunities for 70 people plus training provision, as well as enhanced investments that benefit the local economy.

“We are duly very pleased to be working with Derek Thomson and his team as they embark on their carbon offsetting journey with this valued initiative.”

Through its sustainability programmes, South Pole sees that 782,000 tonnes of CO2 are mitigated on average each year.