AERO Friedrichshafen 2021 to take to the skies with a full program

posted on 16th December 2020 by Parveen Raja
AERO Friedrichshafen 2021 to take to the skies with a full program

Comments on AERO 2021:
Johannes Graf von Schaesberg, Managing Director of Rhineland Air Service:
“For Rhineland Air Service, the AERO is one of the most important supraregional industry meeting places in our European sales area, so we of course want to be part of it again next year. After a year in which we were forced to keep our distance, we are now looking forward to getting back into contact with our customers in person. For customers to convince themselves of the quality of our aircraft, nothing beats the opportunity to join others in looking over our exhibition aircraft. We are now full of anticipation as we await the upcoming AERO. As the official dealer for the HondaJet, the TBM series of DAHER, and the versatile Kodiak, we have of course already booked our regular spot in Hall A3 again and are looking forward to welcoming all the interested fair visitors again. As a new dealer for the Bell 505 helicopter in Germany, we can’t wait to greet the public at our booth in Hall B5, where we would like to invite visitors to take a look at the state-of-the-art Bell 505 Jet Ranger X, to ask questions, and to obtain comprehensive information.”

Vincent Fischer, Head of Marketing at Piper Deutschland AG:
“The Piper Germany Group is delighted that AERO is moving forward in 2021, now with a new hygiene concept appropriate to the situation. Piper Aircraft Inc. and Piper Germany Group fully support the AERO team and are pleased to confirm their attendance as an exhibitor in 2021. We are looking forward to AERO 2021, where we expect to break new ground with partners, customers, and suppliers.”

Ivo Boscarol, founder and General Manager of Pipistrel Group:
“Pipistrel has always regarded AERO Friedrichshafen to be one of the most important events for promoting ‘light and general aviation.’ That’s why we’ve never missed the fair from the very outset – except this year, when the coronavirus prevented us all from attending. We are therefore greatly anticipating AERO 2021, when the event will be brought back to life in all its glory. It’s important not only for the success of us exhibitors but also for promoting aviation in general through the leading European exhibition in this sector. The AERO fair, which is the recipient of unique acclaim due to its accompanying events such as conferences and presentations, is indispensable for us. Together with the organizers, we are going to do our best to prepare an event that is on the same level or even better than that of previous years. And did you know that Pipistrel’s planes have the slogan “Infected by Pipistrel”? There’s a reason behind it – once you’ve tried them, you won’t be able to get them out of your head your whole life. AERO Friedrichshafen has survived pandemics like AIDS and Ebola, and it will certainly survive Covid-19. We therefore believe that the Pipistrel Virus aircraft will be the only ‘virus’ at AERO 2021!”