Aero-Dienst joins the EASA Aviation Industry Charter for COVID-19

posted on 7th July 2020 by Eddie Saunders
Aero-Dienst joins the EASA Aviation Industry Charter for COVID-19

Aero-Dienst has announced that they firmly support EASA’s efforts to restart the aviation industry in the course of this unprecedented crisis. The Nuremberg located business aviation company stands together with fellow air transport providers to ensure a safe and cautious resumption of international air travel, while minimizing associated risks of spreading the Corona virus.

Aero-Dienst has implemented part of EASA’s COVID-19 Aviation Health Safety Protocol into the company’s operations manual and will follow a strict hygiene protocol throughout their workplaces. By signing this Charter it aims to encourage passengers to return to the skies while following industry-wide, standardized caution measures. In addition, as leading air ambulance operator, Aero-Dienst is ready and capable to ensure the best available medical support for patients all over Europe and beyond.

The aim of the guidelines and the charter is to establish a harmonised basis for healthy and safe travel. The growing number of airlines and airports signing up to the programme can enhance passengers’ confidence that this will be achieved,” said EASA Executive Director Patrick Ky. “Major industry stakeholders connecting Europe and global communities and providing services to millions of passengers worldwide are now part of the programme and will be giving us feedback on their practical implementations, so the processes can be fine-tuned and further improved in coming months,” he added.

Viktor Peters, Managing Director at Aero-Dienst, emphasizes: “We do everything in our power to inspire people’s trust in our Aviation Industry as a safe means of transportation, even in these very challenging times.”