ACA/IAE Keep Pace with Demand for Aircraft Interior Decontamination Unit

posted on 30th April 2020 by Eddie Saunders
ACA/IAE Keep Pace with Demand for Aircraft Interior Decontamination Unit

Orders for the ground-use air and surface purification system developed by Aviation Clean Air (ACA) and International Aero Engineering (IAE) continue to accelerate, as the companies have ramped up to effectively meet customer demand. Since production of the Ion Distribution Unit for Ground Use Only began in March, a large number of units are being shipped daily to customers around the world. The system, which uses the same proven technology as ACA’s patented airborne system, was adapted to proactively sanitize aircraft interiors while on the ground.

We’ve delivered units to all the major OEMs, a wide range of aircraft owners and operators, FBOs and maintenance organizations, domestically and around the globe,” said Howard Hackney, ACA Managing Member. “The effectiveness of the system, along with the ease of use and the lessened impact on personnel and aircraft downtime has helped these organizations continue their operations safely and efficiently.”

To decontaminate the aircraft, the portable 110 VAC electric-powered ionization and air blower unit is placed on the floor of the cabin and activated for one to two hours, depending on the size of the aircraft. The proactive, natural purification process immediately kills surface and airborne pathogens, sterilizes mold and bacteria and removes odors. The unit uses no chemicals, produces no harmful ozone or other emissions and will not damage fabrics or carpeting. It is effective on any size aircraft.

In addition to corporate aviation, we have delivered ground units to the U.S. Military, government agencies and foreign Heads of States,” said Jonathan Saltman, International Aero Engineering President and CEO. “The system had been used to effectively decontaminate aircraft ranging from C-17s to helicopters.”

The companies have increased daily production rates to keep pace with the continued demand. “It’s gratifying to be able to deliver an effective solution that meets the critical need aircraft operators and ground facilities have to provide a safe and healthy environment,” added Hackney. “We will continue to do what is necessary to ensure we have the capacity to fulfill customers’ orders.”