Piper Integrates Agile Manufacturing Robot

posted on 2nd February 2023 by Eddie Saunders
Piper Integrates Agile Manufacturing Robot

Piper Aircraft announced the recent delivery and integration of an Agile Manufacturing Robot (AMR) from Wilder Systems to the M600/SLS production line.

This AMR is the result of a collaborative effort between Piper Aircraft and Wilder Systems in order to increase safety, quality, and efficiency throughout the factory. Specifically, the AMR is programmed to drill PA-46-600TP wings.

The addition of this AMR will contribute to Piper’s goal of increased production in order to meet the growing demand for the M600/SLS in today’s market.

This project began in August 2022 and has reached numerous milestones since, including initial delivery and first power-up to factory calibration and testing, culminating with a full production handoff at the end of this month.

The AMR itself is a 12 ft by 8.5 ft autonomous system that incorporates a light duty drill unit, HSK-E25 tool holder, and programmable drill process.

It also has a state-of-the-art safety system, monitored by Keyence Safety Scanners, that will cease operation if an area within the scanner is triggered.

“Investing in the latest manufacturing technology is of the utmost importance to Piper Aircraft,” said Greg Spadaro, Vice President of Operations and Supply Chain.

“As we’ve been manufacturing hand-crafted aircraft for over 85 years, we’re constantly finding new methods of increasing both product quality and manufacturing efficiencies to benefit our customers.

“Additionally, we’re looking forward to now having the opportunity to train our assembly teams on the most advanced production tools, and elevate their skills as aircraft production professionals.