Autumn 2021

issue 55

You may be reading these words at the NBAA-BACE show in wonderful Las Vegas. If you are, I hope the halls are thronged with visitors. But even if they aren’t, the event will have demonstrated one of business aviation’s greatest values – the ability to get the mission done.

The complexity of airline schedules, border controls and moving international travel goalposts will have kept many of us away. But with professional trip planning, flight support and access to a business jet, these global travel challenges may become no more that a minor inconvenience, rather than a show stopper.

Our cover star this time around, PRIMUS AERO has serious ambitions to match that global reach. It is typical of CEO Stephan Krainer that for the cover he chose a photograph showing the whole team. He aims to make PRIMUS AERO the world’s largest CAMO and he’s assembled a group of extremely capable, mostly young people – he describes them as ‘overachievers’ – to help him do so.

Meanwhile, as each week passes the aviation industry moves closer to achieving viable commercial operations with electrically-propelled aircraft. The vision is becoming reality, but as the aircraft mature it is increasingly obvious that the relative limitations electrical power places upon their performance means fuel-burning jet and turboprop aircraft are going to be with us for decades to come.

That being so, sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) is a key ingredient in aviation’s future, a fact recognised by Avfuel, which continues to roll SAF out at pace. The company provided a panel of executives to field EVA’s questions, among them President & CEO Craig Sincock. It’s clear from their wisdom that SAF is critically important to the industry, yet at the same time, Avfuel has a careful eye on electric and hydrogen propulsion, recognising the fact that today’s fuel companies are likely to be tomorrow’s energy providers.

We were delighted that Craig Sincock found time in his busy pre-NBAA-BACE scheduled to answer questions, and similarly honoured that Airbus Corporate Jets President Benoit Defforge, Bombardier President and CEO Éric Martel, and Gulfstream President Mark Burns also took the trouble, providing three exclusive interviews.
I began by mentioning the challenges that even the usually simple trip to Las Vegas from the UK poses in the current climate, challenges far more easily negotiated with the help of trip planning experts and aviation services providers. We take a look at two in this Autumn edition, Empire Aviation and HADID, both of which found their services in demand throughout the worst of the pandemic and continue to expand in the COVID-compliant era.

And there I’d normally finish, except to say that Bombardier has an announcement, on 14 September. If I wait to include the news, then you definitely won’t be reading these words at the show, because the magazine won’t make it in time. But that’s definitely a jet peeking through the hangar doors…

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Featured in this issue

  • Beyond CAMO

    Stephan Krainer, CEO at PRIMUS AERO, has big ambitions for the Austrian company. “Our target,” he says, “is to be the largest CAMO in the world” When the CEO is tied up in a late-running ca...

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  • Fuelling a Sustainable Future

    Avfuel is striding with confidence into a sustainable future, with expanded SAF distribution and a company-wide sustainability mindset, as it continues to meet its traditional promise of providing: ...

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  • Inside the Industry: Mark Burns, Gulfstream

    Mark Burns, President at Gulfstream, explains how the company is adapting to the COVID-compliant world and how it is heading for one of its best years in quite a while Many of us are emerging into ...

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  • Inside the Industry: Éric Martel, Bombardier

    Éric Martel, President and CEO at Bombardier, took the company reins in the midst of the COVID pandemic, at a time when it was transitioning to become an all-business aircraft OEM Bombardier in it...

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  • Inside the Industry: Benoit Defforge, Benoit Defforge

    Benoit Defforge, President at ACJ, shares the company’s exceptional 2020 results, his great optimism for 2021 and an invitation Some industry insiders have suggested that although the pandemic ha...

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  • Fuelling Alternatives

    Victoria Macmillan Bell drives the Polestar 2 and Hyundai Nexo, technological leaders representing real choice among the alternatives to petrol and diesel fuel This year has seen a mix of cars arri...

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  • New Jersey’s Rotary Choice

    Helicopter specialist Analar Corp has been operating safely in the New York area for almost four decades. Through its wide variety of services, Analar offers complete solutions for helicopter charter,...

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  • International Excellence

    Through its global presence, local knowledge and experienced team, HADID delivers smooth trips and service excellence however challenging the customer’s requirement Headquartered in Dubai though ...

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  • Expanded Connections

    Options for sharing data between operations and maintenance departments in the modern cockpit are expanding. Satcom Direct has long been a leader in cockpit connectivity and now Bombardier has brought...

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  • More Life to Give

    Carefully chosen, properly maintained and upgraded for regulatory compliance, an older aircraft can make sense to many owners. EVA asked a few leading MROs for their take on classic aircraft maintenan...

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  • Distinctive approach, Personalised service

    Dubai-based Empire Aviation Group takes a personal approach to its private aviation services, including aircraft management, charter and CAMO, as Managing Director Paras P. Dhamecha reveals Twice h...

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