Exquisite Air Charter launches fully refundable on-demand private charter program

posted on 21st February 2023 by Eddie Saunders
Exquisite Air Charter launches fully refundable on-demand private charter program

Exquisite Air Charter, the private aviation company with a global presence, has developed a pre-paid, fully refundable program to grant customers the utmost flexibility and comfort when opting to fly private.

The decision comes as a response to a rising trend in deposit-based jet card memberships amid an increase in demand and first-time private jet flyers.

The company led by CEO Rena Davenport is committed to educating customers and helping them navigate the market by keeping their capital safe, providing transparent information to make informed decisions, and making the most out of private aviation.

The firm recently developed a program to identify illegal charter operations which speaks volumes about its commitment to creating a safe and transparent ecosystem for customers around the globe.

The industry-leading program will allow clients to obtain full refunds of any unused portion of their deposited funds at any time.

In contrast, jet cards require a deposit which, in turn, might place customers at financial risk if the company fails to break even.

Many of the jet card companies that have gone bankrupt, sold programs that sounded too good to be true.

If a company is selling private charter flight hours below market value, then customers must question how they can do so and remain profitable.

As simply put by Rena Davenport, CEO of Exquisite Air Charter, “When you pre-pay for something without a refund policy, the risk for the provider is diminished but the risk for the consumer is increased because they already have your money.

She adds, “What happens when a company goes out of business or files bankruptcy when they already have your money?”

Furthermore, jet card programs are often sold based on aircraft class instead of the aircraft type.

“Our focus is on guiding customers in making informed decisions that are cost-effective, safe, and appropriate to their requirements on a per-flight basis”, concludes Davenport.

“These are the reasons we recommend on-demand private jet charter. You should always be in control of your money and safety, and we should always work hard so passengers best maximize the dollars they spend experiencing private aviation.”