Air Partner launches carbon offset sustainability strategy

posted on 11th November 2021 by Eddie Saunders
Air Partner launches carbon offset sustainability strategy

Air Partner, the global aviation services group, has launched its new strategy to deliver positive change in the aviation industry by embedding sustainable practices into the core of its business. 

The group’s recently appointed ESG Manager, Greg Charman, will ensure focussed engagement with a new sustainability strategy designed to improve internal operations, from staff development to carbon reduction programmes.

At the same time, Air Partner will be encouraging stakeholders to act responsibly through meaningful partnerships with Raleigh International and Climate Care, to secure a more sustainable environment for future generations. 

Air Partner recognises that parts of its operations take their toll on the environment.

As part of their commitment to mitigate these affects, the group has now introduced auto-enrolment for all its private jet and group charter clients into a Carbon Offsetting scheme.

Through an ongoing partnership with Climate Care, carbon emissions from flights are calculated and offset by adding a cost directly to the price of the flight. 

This is a significant step-change for Air Partner, who have previously operated carbon offsetting on an opt-in basis.

Clients can, of course, choose to opt out of the scheme should they wish but it’s hoped that this change will help reduce the impact that charter flights have on the environment. 

Mark Briffa, CEO, Air Partner, says: “We are committed to acting responsibly with our people, our clients and our partners to deliver positive change through our evolving sustainability strategy, a natural part of our overall business strategy.

“As a global aviation services group with a wide network, we can make a difference, through local initiatives or larger scale international projects, to create a better world for the future.” 

Air Partners partnership with Raleigh International actively engages with the youth organisation’s commitment to addressing climate change by appointing project leaders on Raleigh International’s conservation initiatives that involve rewilding and nature conservation, while raising funds to support sustainability goals.

Project leaders also receive training on environmental campaigning skills and oversee the development and health & safety of a group of young volunteers aged 18-24.

Another step towards carbon reduction is the beginning of Air Partner’s tree planting activities. In December, Air Partner staff will be completing their first annual tree planting activity, planting hundreds of trees in East Sussex to help increase the carbon capture potential for the future.